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Exergy ERP

Exergy ERP

Exergy ERP

Exergy ERP is a set of tools to manage your business. All tools are available within a unified online system. This ensures that our programs work closely with each other, either by sharing a database of customers or products or by the integration of the ecommerce store with invoicing and warehouse functionality.

As all our programs are included within a single system they inherit the common properties and functionalities provided by the Exergy ERP described below. Characteristics of individual modules of the system are described on a separate web pages available through the products menu on the right.

Exergy ERP

Key features and characteristics of the Exergy ERP:

Please try the demo of the system we’ve prepared. There is also the possibility of preparing a dedicated and personalized installation to meet individual customer expectations. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

A short preview of Exergy ERP:

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