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First ever Exergic food ordering platform in Poland with a constant low subscription! Every our customer gets custom designed website with own food ordering system. We do our best so that you could generate higher income.
Exergic timesheets allow you to save time and money. Manage timesheets, work time, breaks and holidays in an easy and convinient way. We provide solutions for every budget.
Innovative and beneficial booking service,
Make your customers life easier when getting
your services by introducing online booking.
Get ahead of the competition and increase your income.
Get your sales online with our Exergic Online Store. We will take care of everything and we will let you focus on making bussiness.
Our software supports day to day tasks in any organisation. Our company management system (Exergy ERP) will help you running the business. It will take care of the common tasks like generating invoicing, warehouse stock level management, tracking helpdesk tickets or helping to supervise the employees working time.
Our system is composed of a number of cooperating components therefore it can be easily adapted to fulfill all of the company requirements. Such solution is consistent and efficient because all the tools you need are available in one place. This also enables simpler and faster analysis of your business performance. is an online service providing a set of tools for handling electronic documents. Thanks to it companies and institutions can offer their customers electronic forms, documents and online surveys. The service automates filling in documents including data validation, lowers costs and increases productivity.
We run IT projects for our customers. We can take care of the whole software development project life cycle and the further system support and maintenance.
We offer software

tailored to individual customer needs.

Our solution is built of a range of flexible modules. All of them work seamlessly together to achieve

more than single programs would.

Exergy Group was established in 2010. We operate a software house on the Polish market and abroad.

Our software is dedicated mainly for companies within the SME sector, however we also offer portals designed for a wider audience.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Our programming studio employs qualified professionals with many years of experience. The software that we create is always created with customer in mind.
Our services include:
What has impressed us most in our engagement with Exergy Group, is your flexibility in responding to differing requirements from us as our experience with the software has increased.
What we now have in our business is a mature software application that drives our business processes and increasingly reduces the need for my team to switch between a myriad of different applications to achieve the same end.
Marstons Telecoms

Rob Derbyshire,

Head of Telecoms
Marston's Telecoms

Thank you for the excellent development work you and your team provided Blupod Media. The cross platform mobile development project, in particular the Air Rewardz app was outstanding and met our expectation and specification perfectly.
We particulary appreciated Exergy's management of the project, from excellent communication to on time delivery of the developement stages. We also liked how you embedded your team within ours so that we could achieve the tight time scales we set ourselves, without the issues normally occuring when using third party developers.

Tony Ford,

Managing Director
CTO Bluepod Media Worldwide Limited

Firma LBITS rzeczowo i profesjonalnie realizuje powierzone zadania. Zakres prac jest ustalony fachowo i z odpowiednim doborem pytań przed przystąpieniem do realizacji co pozwala na dobrze jakościowo oszacowanie czasu pracy, ceny i terminu realizacji.

Albin Popławski,


LBITS particular skills in interpreting the business objectives and developing appropriate code accordingly, has been extraordinary helpful throughout this project cycle.

David Bongard,

Managing Director
Europacom Ltd

LBITS has been excellent at providing the solutions that I have needed and has built a top class website which is extremely large and very complex but is made in such a way that it is easy to use and very reliable.

Merrick Gill,


LBITS has always gone the extra mile to communicate with me effectively and given me extra hints and tips in the design, style and feel of the website. (...) I would recommend LBITS to anyone who is looking to create and/or improve their website.

Paul Magee,


Miła i profesjonalna obsługa, dzięki czemu czuć indywidualne podejście do klienta, a co najważniejsze - szybko i sprawnie wykonane zlecenie oraz konkurencyjne ceny. Gorąco polecam.

Krzysztof Sieniawski,


I am happy to say that having wanted my website to be built on a budget yet to still look proffessional that the end result was as hoped. The process the get there was also supportive and proficient.

Emma Jane

Candle Corner

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